Walking and hiking around the city

The 6 paths of La Cité de Pierres thread their way through all the rock formations and can be in the undergrowth or on a balcony at the edge of the Dourbie gorges, at the top of panoramic ridges or deep inside a labyrinth with narrow passages.

The walks in la Cité de Pierres are some of the most beautiful in Aveyron. They allow you to see different panoramas, Roc’Art, rock shelters and sheepfolds. To better understand this environment, the following are available to walkers:

  • 2 orientation tables
  • 30 heritage panels, in 5 languages (French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish)
  • A ground marking system, easy to follow and supplemented with the map of the City, found at the entrance.

The 6 walks of la Cité de Pierres in Aveyron

  • LE BELVÉDÈRE (50 minutes): An easy hike, with a possible return by mini-train to the roundabout “Citerne”. Access to “La Porte de Mycènes”.
  • LES REMPARTS (50 minutes): Panoramic ridge, access to the summit of the “Douminal” at an altitude of 840m, orientation table.
  • LE MAGNIFIQUE (30 minutes): Balcony above the deep gorges of the Dourbie, access to the panorama “Le Magnifique”.
  • L’ARBORÉTUM (50 minutes): A more sporty trail through a forest (16 tree species  reported). Departing from the picnic area makes the route easier.
  • LE LABYRINTHE (30 minutes): Accessible from the Arboretum circuit, the Labyrinth of the Canauls, 1m wide and 50m high faults.
  • LES GEANTS (30 minutes): Walk in the undergrowth on an almost flat path in the middle of the peculiar rocks. Access to the Roc’Art “Le Roc Camporolié” and “L’Arc de Triomphe”.

Prices: the walks are included in the discovery pass for la Cité de Pierres


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La Cité de Pierres in Montpellier-le-Vieux

“The Causse Noir is the richest of all runiform rock masses: Montpellier-le-Vieux, the region’s capital...is one of the most remarkable rock cities in the world”
Edouard Alfred Martel

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