Recharge your batteries

Recharge your batteries

Recharge your batteries by immersing yourself in nature:

- go back to your roots to rebalance and find true harmony within
- escape from an urbanised and hyper-connected world in which everything passes too quickly
- renew the primitive links we have with the natural elements to share our energies

La Cité de Pierres is an exceptional place to achieve this reconnection. Rediscover the light and air, the flora and rocks, the sound of silence and nature. Evolve freely and individually at your own pace without any time constraints or pressures.

- thanks to the isolation and size here, whilst still remaining easily accessible
- thanks to the terraces, the endless viewpoints and 360° panoramas free from all signs of human life, sound, visual and electromagnetic pollution
- thanks to the varied paths, sometimes high-up, sometimes remote and shaded, offering many quiet spaces to relax, rest, have a picnic, read, create, meditate or to just simply be.

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Parc naturel régional des Grands Causses
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La Cité de Pierres in Montpellier-le-Vieux

“The Causse Noir is the richest of all runiform rock masses: Montpellier-le-Vieux, the region’s one of the most remarkable rock cities in the world”
Edouard Alfred Martel

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